List of Recommended Textbook for Primary Schools in Nigeria | Basic Education

What are the recommended textbooks to read for Primary Schools in Nigeria (Basic Education)

If this is your question, then you are reading the right article.

In this article, I will provide the list of recommended textbooks for Primary Schools in Nigeria

Here is a list of Recommended Textbooks for Basic Education 2020/2021 Academic Session

1. English
a. Premier English for Nigeria Pry Schools Bks 1-6 (New Edition)
b. English Composition for Primary School by Oladipo Fasesin Bk 1-6

02. Basic English Bks 1-6

03. Macmillan Champion Primary Mathematics Books 1-6

04. Primary Basic Science and Technology. Basic 1-6 (MACADAMS)

05. Longman Basic Science by F. 0. C. NDU book 1, 2 & 3

06. Ilesanmi Health Education Books 1 – 6 by Omadara and T. Dare

07. Theoretical Agricultural Science: Basic 1 – 6: Okonta Godwin

08. Foundation Computer Studies Bks 2-6

09. Lantern Comprehensive French for Primary Schools by J.O. Abioye, O. J. Diya

10. National Values for Primary Schools (Basic 1-6)

11. Rasmed Basic History for Primary Schools Basic 1-6

12. Christian Religious Knowledge Basic 1 – 6 by Agatha Ibe.

13. Verbal Reasoning Books 1 – 6 MACADAMS

14. Quantitative Reasoning Books 1-6 MACADAMS

15. Quick Guide to Speech Development/Etiquette for Primary Schools Basic 1-6

16. Mistakes in Expression. Vol 1 by Vhovhen, Votu

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