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Do you want to download Senior Secondary School SSS Mock Exam Question paper in editable Ms-word/Pdf format, are you also looking for Promotional Mock Exam Questions Paper for SS1, SS2 and SS3.

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A mock is a test which serves as a drill or practice for future exams

The purpose of mock exam is to give candidates fresh ideas on the kind of questions to expect during the main exam and motivate them towards stepping up their preparation towards the main exam.

Benefit of Mock Test/Examination.

– It serve as an effective form of Exam preparation.
– Used to test what one already knew.
– it give one confidence to be stress free on the day of the actual exam.
– Reassurance of Academic Progress, (Erasion of Examination phobia).
– Help to alleviate Exam anxiety.

Feature of the SSS 1-3 Mock Exam Questions Paper.

Is based on the Nerdc Curriculum.
Can be view and read on any Smart Phone
Can be Printed out into hard copy.
Can be obtain on Micro-Soft Word Editable format (Special Request)

What others are downloading: Printable Mock Exam Answer Sheet

Download Mock Examination Questions for SSS1-3

The Follow Mock Examination Questions are Available for Download in Ms-Word/Pdf
Animal Husbandry
Civic Education
Computer Studies
Data Processing
English Languae
Literature in English

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2018/2019 Mock/Promotion Exams Questions and Answers for SS2

English Objective Questions for SS2

Instruction: answer all questions
Choose the word opposite in meaning to the underlined word

1. The young engineer is good at Terminating other peoples project but has not been capable of ____ any of his own
(a) finishing (b) completing (c) initiating (d) organizing

2. The manager who expected to be given Respect was treated with ____
(a) dignity (b) scorn (c) shame (d) cruelty

3. Those who had invitation cards were Admitted to the party while those who had none were ____
(a) barred (b) expelled (c) repelled (d) restricted

4. Nobody expects him to show ____ for his children but he certainly bestows too much Affection on them
(a) love (b) concern (c) intimacy (d) hatred

5. Favour is very Conservative in his political idea whereas Jackson expresses ____ views always
(a) radical (b) heretical (c) conventional (d) fanatical

Choose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined words as used in the sentences
6. It takes a great deal of Stamina to run the marathon race.
(a) courage (b) determination (c) energy (d) intelligence

7. He was Reluctant to grant my request
(a) diligent (b) unwilling (c) reticent (d) agreeable

8. The detective was Perplexed when the clues in the murder case pointed to a different suspect
(a) surprised (b) confused (c) excited (d) discouraged

9. My financial situation is so precarious that very soon I may be Insolvent
(a) borrowing (b) stealing (c) soluble (d) bankrupt

10. Kunle is very Pessimistic about our chain of success
(a) sad (b) despondent (c) worried (d) sure

Choose the words or group of words that Best complete the following sentences
11.He was convicted _____ stealing some bags of rice
(a) with (b) in (c) for (d) of

12.Mary said she was acting ____ the instruction of the principal
(a) by (b) on (c) for (d0 through

13.____ normal circumstances, it is rare to get all registered voters to vote (a) on (b) by (c) in (d) under
14.You are not sure where you placed the book _____?
(a) isn’t it (b) weren’t you (c) are you (d) didn’t you

15.This is the man ____ told me the story
(a) whom I said (b) who I said (c) I said that he (d) who I said he

16.This ____ be David’s handwriting, I know his handwriting well enough
(a) may (b) win (c) ought (d) can’t

17.Many students finds mathematics ______ than English
(a) difficult (b) too difficult (c) very difficult (d) more difficult

18.He has not been seen by his parent _____ seven
(a) since (b) for (c) getting to (d0 far last

19.The ___ came here last week
(a) handsome tall young man (b) young tall handsome man (c) tall handsome young man (d) young handsome tall man

20.Please let me ____ you in your car to the railway station
(a) go with (b) move with (c) follow (d) ride

Choose the one that has the correct stress
21. exhibition
(a) EX-hi-bi-tion (b) ex-HI-bi-tion (c) ex-hi-bi-TION (d) ex-hi-Bi-tion

22. dependable
(a) DE-pen-da-ble (b) de-PEN-da-ble (c) de-pen-DA-ble (d) de-pen-da-BLE

23. advantageous
(a) AD-van-ta-geous (b) ad-VAN-ta-geous (c) ad-van-TA-geous (d) ad-van-ta-GEOUS

24. omnipotent
(a) om-nip-o-TENT (b) om-nip-O-tent (c) om-NIP-o-tent (d) OM-nip-o-tent

25. accuracy
(a) AC-cu-ra-cy (b) ac-cu-RA-cy (c) ac-CU-ra-cy (d) ac-cu-ra-cy

Essay Question for SS2 Mock Exam

INSTRUCTION: answer ONE question only. Your answer should not be less than 400 words

1. Your father insists that you must study medicine at the university, but you have an entirely different course in mind. Write a letter to him explaining why you prefer this other course and why he should allow you to make your own choice.

2. Write a story on the topic: “An experience I’d love to have again”.

3. You are the chief speaker in a debate on the topic: “A mother is more important to have than a father”. Write your speech for or against the topic.

Comprehension Passage for SS2 Mock Exam

Instruction: Answer all question in this section.
Read the passage below carefully and answer the question on it

When Eze was invited to spend his Easter holiday with uncle Chike in Lagos, he jumped for joy! He has always Pictured Lagos as a wonder land of bright light, paved roads, elegant people riding by in expensive cars and beautiful residential quarters. This invitation was the wonderful opportunity for him to leave his small village for the first time and experience firsthand the good life of the city that he had imagined so much about.

The fateful day came and Eze, Happy as a lark, bid an excited goodbye to his family. The first leg of his trip started modestly at the back of the rickety lorry that pilled the dirt road linking his village to the rest of the world, but Eze was sure that he would later ride triumphantly into Lagos on one of those legendary luxury buses that he admired so much. This was also an experience to look forward to.

When he arrived in Lagos, it was almost dark. The first thing that struck him as he alighted from the bus were the teeming crowd with their desperate unsmiling faces, the deafening noise of the ceaseless traffic, the polluted air with its acrid smell of exhaust fumes and decay, the endless rows of dirty and crumbling concrete buildings and the filth everywhere. What sharp contrast with the city he had built up in his imagination. But surely, there must still be much to look forward to. Back in the village, Uncle Chike was regarded as a well to do trader. So, Eze was further surprised and disappointed to find that he lived in a single room in a sleazy part of the city. At night, it gets hot and Stuffy, but they dared not open the windows as this would bring an Invasion of mosquitoes.

Eze woke up the next morning feeling clammy, but he could not still have a bath. As his uncle took him to a shark across the street for a hurried breakfast of thin tea and moldy bread, he explained that they usually bought water from a mobile tanker that had not come around for some time. Eze was still recovering from his surprise at this information when they rushed off for his uncle’s market stall, and he had his first unpleasant ride in one of the notorious molue buses of the city.
As they struggled down from the bus, showing against the solid mass of desperate bad-tempered commuter’s.Eze thought of his village, and the city suddenly lost whatever was left of its attraction for him. True, the village was small, life and there was monotonous and it lacked some essential amenities. But it was peaceful. You drank clean water and ate what you wanted fresh; you move about freely and breathed clean air. And everyone was friendly and helpful. Greatly disillusioned with the city.Eze longed to return to his beloved village.


a) State two experiences Eze looked forward to.

b) Mention any two features of the city that Eze noticed at once.

c) What two discoveries surprised and disappointed Eze when he arrived in the city

d) Mention any two experiences in the city that Eze found unpleasant

e) What conclusion did Eze draw from his experience in the city?

f) “….. Happy as a lark?

g)“When he arrived in Lagos….”
i. What grammatical name is given to this expression as it is used in the passage?
ii. What is the function?

h)Find another word or phrase which means the same and which can replace it as used in the passage
i. Picture
ii. Stuffy
iii. Invasion
iv. Hurried
v. Attraction
vi. Monotonous

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