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Ophthalmic Nurse General Admission Requirement.

1. Educational Qualifications

a. West African school Certificate/General certificate of Education/SSCE/NECO with passes at Credit level in five (5) papers obtained at not more than two (2) sittings.

b. These papers must include English Language and Science Subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

2. Professional Qualifications/Experience

a. Be a registered Nurse duly registered with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

b. Have at least 1-2 year post registration clinical/working experience in the relevant area of specialty.

3. Course Duration for Ophthalmic Nursing Programme

12 months of two semesters. from November of a particular year to the next November.

The programme involves both theoretical and practical exposure of students.

(Established by Nursing and Midwifery Registration etc Act Cap No 143 Law of the Federal of Nigeria 2004)
Professional Examination For Ophthalmic Nurses
November 2019

Answer All Questions (Use the Answer Booklet)

Time Allowed: 3 Hours for Section A & B

This Paper Consists of Section A & B: Please read the instructions for each section CAREFULLY.
Any Candidate who makes an unauthorized writing/appeal on the Answer Booklet shall be DISQUALIFIED.
Candidate’s NUMBER and NOT NAME is to be entered at the top right – hand corner of each sheet.

Ophthalmology Essay Questions for NMCN

1. Harrison a 4-month old boy was brought to the eye clinic by his mum who shows concern about the perceived abnormality in her son’s eyes. On examination and assessment, cloudy cornea and buphthalmos (cornea enlargement) was discovered and a diagnosis of bilateral congenital corneal opacity is made by the ophthalmologist.

a. Define Corneal Opacity (2 marks)

b. List six (6) common causes of congenital corneal opacity (3 marks)

c. List and describe the four (4) common types of corneal opacities (6 marks)

d. Describe the medical and nursing management of Harrison (7 marks)

c. List four (4) complication that Harrison may likely develop (2 marks)

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