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Environmental health is a branch of public health that is concerned with the theory and practice of assessing and controlling factors in the environment that can potentially affect health.

Environmental health includes both the direct pathological effects of chemicals, radiation and some biological agents, and the effects (often indirect) on health and wellbeing.

Duration of the programme shall be in line with existing National University’s Commission (NUC) policy for the first degree programme in Nigerian Universities.

The programme is designed for 4 years for holders of Environmental Health Technicians and 3 years for holders of RSH, Dip, WAHEB, and HND in Environmental Health Technology.

General Admission Requirements
Candidates intending to enter the B.Sc. in Environmental Health Programme must satisfy the University admission requirements.

In addition to this, two modes of entry are presently available to candidates intending to study Environmental Health in the University.

A candidate may either enter the programme at 200 or 300 Level through direct entry.

Environmental Health NOUN Past Questions Paper Download

NOUN Courses for Environmental Health.

See below list of Environmental Health Programme Courses Past Questions Available for Download.

Outline of Course Structure: The B.Sc. Environmental Health (B.Sc. Env. Health Level – 500 Level

NOUN Past Questions for Environmental Health

200 Level First Semester

GST 101 Use of English and Communication skills I
GST 105 History and Philosophy of Science
GST 201 Nigerian Peoples and Culture
BIO 217 General Microbiology
BIO 304 General Ecology
EHS 205 Introduction to Environmental Health
NSS 201 Anatomy
ANP 204 Biochemistry

200 Level Second Semester

GST 102 LTse of English and Communication skills II
GST 122 Introduction of Philosophy and Logic
CHM 102 Introductory Organic Chemistry.
EHS 202 Fundamentals of Epidemiology
EHS 204 Introduction to Environmental Health Services.
EHS 212 Pollution Control
EHS 216 LTrban Planning and Management
EHS 241 Introduction to Biostatistics
EHS 412 Health Economics
NSS 303 Human Behaviour in Health and Illness

EHS Past Questions Level 300L

300 Level 1st semester

BIO 407 Basic Entomology
BIO 411 Parasitology
CHS 317 Immunology and Immunization
EHS 311 Primary Health Care 1
EHS 316 Environmental Health Services in Emergency Situation
EHS 317 Solid waste management
EHS 319 Introduction to Demography

300 Level 2nd semester

EHS 302 Ecological Sanitation
EHS 304 Hydrology and Sanitation
EHS 306 Sanitary Inspection of Premises
EHS 308 Environmental Biotechnology
EHS 312 Housing and Building Construction
EHS 315 International Port Health Services
EHS 318 Communicable Diseases
EHS 322 Biometeorology

EHS NOUN Env Health Exam Question for Level 400

400 Level First Semester

CHS 401 Reproductive & Adolescent Health
EHS 403 Occupational Health and Safety
EHS 405 Environmental Toxicology
EHS 407 Environmental Health Laboratory
EHS 409 Sewage and Waste Water Management
EHS 411 Environmental Health Administration
EHS 413 Entrepreneurship in Environmental Health

400 Level Second Semester

BIO 204 Biological Techniques
CHS 322 Community Mobilization and Participation
ESM 304 Research Methods
EHS 404 Primary Health Care I
EHS 402 Industrial Attachment*

500 Level First Semester

A log book will be produced for this course 

CHS 315 Non communicable diseases
EHS 505 Environmental Health Ethics
EHS 507 Environmental Health Management information system
EHS 503 Seminar
EHS 518 Community Health Services
EHS 412 Health Economics
EHS 509 Research Project
Total Credit Units
EHS 510 – Environmental Health Practice I EHS 512 – Environmental Health Practice II

The above courses are prescribed for students entering the programme at 200 level. They are required to offer and pass (EHS 510 and EHS 512) for the purpose of certification and registration to practice with the Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria.

500 Level Second Semester

EHS 506 Environmental Health Regulations, Policies and Laws
EHS 508 Environmental Health Impact Assessment
EHS 514 Child Survival and Development
EHS 516 Public Health Nutrition and Food Safety

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