NOUN Past Questions for Computer Science CIT

Download Now! Computer Science CIT Past Question for National Open University NOUN.

The Department of Computer Science is one of the eight Department in NOUN Faculty of Science.

The Programmes in the Department of Computer Science programme are designed to equip the undergraduate students with the basic requirements for serving in a professional capacity in most areas of computing and Information Technology as well as well as develop knowledge in the theory of applied mathematics.

All courses in the Department of Computer Science runs for a minimum 4years (8 Semesters) for
100 level entry;
3years (6 Semesters) for 200 level entry and;
2year (3 Semesters) for postgraduate.

we at are glad to inform you that we now have NOUN CIT Past Question from 1st to 2nd Semester at all level (100-400) available for download.

Computer Science NOUN Past Questions Paper Download

Summary Benefit of CIT Past Questions.
Pointer to Area of Concentration.
Predict the outcome of the upcoming exam question.
Let one know if he/she has adequately prepared for the exam.

NOUN Courses for Computer Science

See below list of Computer Science Programme Courses Past Questions Available for Download.

Outline of Course Structure: The B. Sc., Honours, Computer Science 100 Level

NOUN Computer Science CIT Past Questions

1st Semester

Course Code Course Titles
GST 101 Use of English and Communication Skill I
GST 107 The Good Study Guide
BIO101 General Biology
CHM101 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry
CIT 101 Computers in Society
CIT 143 Introduction to Data Organisation and Management
MTH 121 Linear Algebra I
PHY 111 Elementary Mechanics
PHY 113 Heat and Properties of Matter
PHY 191 Introductory Practical Physics I

2nd semester

Course Code Course Titles
GST 102 Use of English and Communication Skills II
GST 105 History and Philosophy of Science
GST 122 Introduction to Philosophy and Logic
CIT 102 Software Application Skills
CIT 132 Programming in BASIC
MTH 102 Introductory Statistics
MTH 112 Differential Calculus
MTH 122 Integral Calculus
MTH 142 Vectors and Geometry
PHY 132 Electricity, Magnetism and Modern Physics
PHY 192 Introductory Practical Physics II

NOUN CIT 215 Past Question for 200 Level

1st Semester 200 Level



Course Titles
GST 201 Nigerian Peoples and Cultures
CIT 211 Introduction to Operating Systems
CIT 213 Elementary Data Processing
CIT 215 Introduction to Programming Languages
CIT 237 Programming & Algorithms
MTH 211 Introduction to Set Theory and Abstract Algebra
MTH 213 Numerical Analysis I
MTH 241 Introduction to Real Analysis
MTH 281 Mathematical Methods I

2nd Semester

Course Code Course Titles
CIT 208 Information Systems
CIT 212 Systems Analysis and Design
CIT 246 Introduction to Computer Organisation
CIT 292 Computer Laboratory I
MTH 212 Linear Algebra II
MTH 232 Elementary Differential Equation
MTH 282 Mathematical Methods II
STT 211 Probability Distribution I

NOUN CIT 309 Past Question for 300 Level

 300 Level 1st Semester

Course Code Course Titles
CIT 309 Computer Architecture
CIT 311 Computer Networks
CIT 331 Theory of Computation
CIT 333 Software Engineering I
CIT 341 Data Structures
CIT 351 C# Programming
CIT 353 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
CIT361 Data Communication
CIT 371 Introduction to Computer Graphics and Animations
CIT 383 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
MTH 307 Numerical Analysis II
MTH 381 Mathematical Methods III
STT 311 Probability Distribution II


2nd Semester

Course Code Course Titles
CIT 322 Introduction to Internet Programming
CIT 342 Formal Languages and Automata theory
CIT 344 Introduction to Computer Design
CIT 381 File Processing and Management
CIT 389 Industrial Training
CIT 392 Computer Laboratory II
MTH 382 Mathematical Methods IV


NOUN CIT 432 Past Questions for 400 Level

 400 Level 1st Semester

Course Code Course Titles
CIT 403 Emerging Technologies
CIT 411 Microcomputers and Microprocessors
CIT 425 Operations Research
CIT 427 Database Systems and Management
CIT 445 Principles and Techniques of Compilers
CIT 461 Internet Architecture and Communication
CIT 463 Introduction to Multimedia Technology
CIT 465 Network Administration
CIT 467 Visual Programming and Applications

2nd Semester

Course Code Course Titles
CIT 412 Modelling and Simulation
CIT 432 Software Engineering II
CIT 474 Introduction to Expert Systems
CIT 478 Artificial intelligence
CIT 484 Website Design and Programming
CIT 499 Project

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