What is My JAMB Username and Password


In this post we are going define and explain what each of the following term means; a username and password in relation to JAMB

What is My Jamb Password.

A JAMB Password is a set of secret words or characters that is used in combination with a username to grant access to all Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board efacility Services.

Password help to prevent unauthorized access to information, such information can only be access by those who have the password to view or access them.


What is My Jamb Username.

A Jamb username is a name created during a signup process. In the registration of jamb, the email address used, is refer or taken as the candidate username.

Jamb username is case-sensitive when entered, If your Caps Lock key is enabled, try turning it off to enter your it in all lowercase.


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What is My JAMB Caps Username and Password.

it is same login details used to log into Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Portal,
The email address is the username while the password is a set of secret words or character know only to the student or the person that did the registration for you.

It is created during registration signup.

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