6 Best Type of Advertisement for Product and Service; Feature & Channel

The main aim of setting up a business is to make profit through sales of either products or services. But sales cannot occur if people are not aware of the existence of the product or service. This is where advertising comes in.
Advertising is simply the means by which the existence of a product or service is brought to the knowledge of the general public or the target market. It is the process of creating awareness about products to promote sales.

Features and Types of a Good Advertising

A good advert should provide the following information:
1. What product is available
2. How to use the product
3. Benefits of the product
4. How much the product costs
5. Where the product can be purchased
6. It should not be too long but also not too fast that people can’t catch what is being communicated.
7. It should not be obscene, vulgar or abusive
8. It should be factual and should not promise what can’t be delivered or done by the product
9. A good advert should be attractive, persuasive, informative, create a strong desire and innovative

What is the Best Type of Advertisement for Product and Service

1. Informative Advertisement-
This type of advertisement is aimed at creating general awareness about the existence of a product. It is usually used when a new product or service is introduced into the market.

2. Persuasive Advertisement-
This type of advert goes beyond just informing to persuading/cajoling. They are very attractive/appealing with some form of promises &-slogans. Eg: Milo- Food drink of future champions.

3. Competitive Advertisement-
This type of advertisement is used by organizations producing similar products to attract attention to their own specific product.
Catchy captions are used and also slogans. Eg: 7UP – “The difference is clear” . XEROX- “No one does it better” Sheraton Hotel- “Simply the best choice”

4. Direct/Target Advertisement-
This kind of advertisement is targeted or directed specifically at the customers in need of the product or service. This method is used if the product or service appeals to a certain class or audience.
For example it is more appropriate to advertise a Table Tennis kit in a sports magazine or in the middle of a table tennis tournament than any other time.

5. Indirect/General Advertisement-
This type of advertising is less aggressive as it is used for products which are in high demand and consumed generally by all.
Sugar is one commodity that almost everyone uses so indirect to general advertising will be more appropriate to advertise it.

6. Collective Advertising –
This occurs if competing firms combine to advertise their products together. Eg: Beer sellers can combine to advertise that “Beer is good for you”.

Type of Advertising Channels

As a business owner you can use any of the following means to advertise your products depending on how much you have, what you really want to achieve and who you are trying to reach.
Sales Van Town Criers Vehicle Branding
Bulk SMS Church/Mosque Announcements
Trade Fairs Exhibitions
Product Branding
House to House visits (Word of mouth)

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