12 Primary Difference Between Sales and Marketing

The primary difference Between Sales and Marketing. Sales and marketing are closely related and are aimed at expanding earning.


The Primary activities involved in marketing are-
Market Research Creation of product Promotion of product Advertisement of Product Communicating the value of the Product Selling of the product After Sales Services Customer Satisfaction


1. In concept also, sales and marketing have much difference, Sales refers to the transfer of ownership of a product from one person to another for some value, whereas Marketing is the act of analysing the market and understanding the needs of the customers in such a way that whenever a new product is launched, it sells itself.
2.  Sales is one to one relationship while marketing is one-to-many relationships.
3.  Sales has a fragmented approach, which stresses on selling all that is produced. In contrast, marketing has an integrated approach which stresses on ascertaining the customer requirements and providing them with the same.
4.  Another Primary difference that is seen between marketing and sales, Sales is a short term process while marketing is a long term process.
5.  The selling process involves an exchange of goods for monetary consideration. On the flip side, marketing involves identifying the needs of customers and satisfying them.
6.  Sales is a people-driven activity on the other hand; marketing is a media driven activity.
7.  In sales, caveat emptor rule applies, i.e. let the buyer beware. Unlike, marketing wherein caveat ventor mle is applicable, which states let the seller beware.
8. Marketing stresses on the needs of the market. On the contrary, sales focus on the company needs.
9.  In sales, the customer is viewed as the last link, i.e. the product are created first and then sold to customers. On the other hand, in marketing, the customer is given priority, as first of all the needs are identified and after that sold to customers.
10.  Selling is customer oriented, but marketing is product-oriented.
11. Sales focus on the individual, i.e. direct interaction with the customer and persuading him to purchase the product, but marketing concentrates on the general public, i.e. creating the value of a product to increase sales.
12. Sales uses push strategy (where the product is forced onto a customer) while marketing uses the pull strategy (where the customer comes to a product by himself).

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