How to Market Your Products and Services – 40 Inspiring Ways


In this post write up is a brief overview of how to market your products and services.
1. Send customized bulk SMS to existing and potential customers
2. Print and hand-out quality business cards
3. Advertise on street banners.
4. Join social networking websites, e.g Facebook, Twitter
5. Design a beautiful website for your business if you can afford it.
6. Target your market well.
7. Take your products to trade fairs/exhibitions N Organize road shows
9. Distribute quality flyers
10. Paste quality posters
11. Offer discounts on your products/services as a temporary sales measure.
12. Be open to criticism; welcome constructive ideas for improvement
13. Include contacts information on all outgoing communication. (Your phone numer)
14. Advertise on Radio. You can also consider TV if you can afford it.
15 Send Proposals to specific people or organizations that need your products and services.
16. Don’t wait for them to come I ? Give opportunity for customer feedback always.
17. Create events around new products and services
18. Beautify your business premises
I9. Partner with other businesses to sell your products/services.
20. Recognize and appreciate loyal customers.
21. Use V, ord of mouth always
22. Offer quality products/services always
23. Advertise on the internet, especially on Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook & Google
24. Re-brand your products/services if necessary
25. Meet and discuss with other business people at events
26. Ask your existing customers/clients for referrals
27. Use beautiful packaging for your products.
28. Offer the best product/service at a reasonable price.
29. Embrace new technology always
30. Tailor your product/service offerings to different segments of your market.
32. Put your customers first when formulating policies
32. Focus on delivering superior products/services
33. Empathize with your clients/customers
34. Set new and challenging marketing goals regularly.
35. Recruit ad-hoc sales people for sales promotion
36. Never speak ill of your customers/clients
37. Position and re-position your products/service against your competitors.
38. Insist on quality printing work always.
39. Build excellent relationship with your target market
40. Say “Thank you” each time a customer or client patronizes you.

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