NOUN Past Questions for Accounting ACC, BUS, BFN, ECO PDF 100L – 400 Level

Download Now! Accounting ACC Exam Past Questions for National Open University NOUN.

The Faculty of Management Science in National Open University has four departments which run 14 programmes comprising of seven bachelor of science and seven post graduate.

B.Sc in Accounting is one of the programme run in the department of financial studies

Most Bsc Accounting Noun student or Worker do not have the luxury of time or are limited in time to go in physical search of past question.

That why, we at are glad to inform you that we now have up-to-date Noun bsc Accounting past questions 100L-500 level, first and second semester available for download.

Summary Benefit of Past Question.

Pointer to Area of Concentration.
Predict the outcome of the upcoming exam question.
Let one know if he/she has adequately prepared for the exam.

Accounting NOUN Past Questions Paper Download

NOUN Courses for Accounting

See below list of Accounting Programme Courses Past Questions Available for Download.

Outline of Course Structure for Bachelor of Science in Accounting (B.Sc. Accounting)

Past Questions for NOUN Accounting ACC 100 Level to 400 Level

100 Level First Semester

Course Code Course Title
ACC101 Elements of Book-Keeping I
BUS105 Elements of Management I
MTH105 Mathematics for Management Sciences I
GST107 A Study Guide for the Distance Learner
GST101 Use of English & Communication Skills I
ECO121 Principles of Economics I

100 Level Second Semester

Course Code Course Title
GST104 Use of Library
ACC102 Elements of Book-Keeping II
BUS106 Elements of Management II
MTH106 Mathematics for Management Sciences II
MKT108 Introduction to Marketing
GST102 Use of English & Communication Skills II
ECO122 Principles of Economics II
BFN104 Elements of Banking

NOUN BUS 207 Past Questions for 200 Level

200 Level First Semester

Course Code Course Title
ECO231 Micro Economic Theory I
BFN209 Introduction to Finance
BUS207 Business Communication
BUS205 Introduction to Business
ACC203 Introduction to Financial Accounting I
STT205 Statistics for Management Sciences I
ACC201 Taxation I

200 Level Second Semester

Course Code Course Title
ENT202 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Ventures
CIT202 Applications of Computer in Business
ACC206 Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting
ACC204 Introduction to Financial Accounting II
STT206 Statistics for Management Sciences II
ACC210 Auditing I

NOUN BFN 303 Past Questions for 300 Level,

300 Level First Semester

Course Code Course Title
BUS317 Production Management
PAD305 Elements of Government
BFN303 Financial Management
GST302 Business Creation and Growth
ACC313 Management Accounting
ACC311 Financial Accounting
CLL307 Commercial Law

ACC 306 Past Questions for NOUN 300 Level

300 Level Second Semester

Course Code Course Title
BFN310 Micro credit policy and Institutions
ENT304 Leadership and Corporate Governance
FMS304 Research Methodology
BFN304 Financial Systems
ACC318 Taxation II
MKT306 Distribution and Sales Management
ACC306 Cost Accounting

400 Level First Semester

Course Code Course Title
BFN405 Bank Lending and Loan Administration
BFN409 Project Evaluation
BUS427 Business Policy & Strategy I
BUS401 Management Information System
ACC419 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACC411 Auditing II
BFN411 Public Financial Management

ACC 313 Exam Past Questions for NOUN,

400 Level Second Semester

Course Code Course Title
BUS428 Business Policy & Strategy II
BUS406 Analysis for Business Decisions
ACC450 Research Project
ACC426 International Accounting
ACC418 Public Sector Accounting and Finance

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