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Peace studies and conflict resolution is center on how conflicts arise and how violent and non-violent conflicts can be solved.

NOUN PCR Admission Requirement

Admission Requirements

  1. Admission available for 100 level.
  2. A minimum of 5 credits in O’ levels.
  3. Compulsory courses required in O’levels are Mathematics and English Language
  4. Any other relevant courses in O’levels.

NOUN Courses for PCR B.Sc

we at are glad to inform you that we now have NOUN PCR Past Question from 1st to 2nd Semester at all level (100-400) available for download.

Outline of Course Structure for B.Sc Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

See below list of PCR Programme Courses Past Questions Available for Download.

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NOUN Past Questions for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

B.A PCR 100 Level – 400 Level

100 Level First Semesters

B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

Course CodeCourse TitleLevelSemester
ECO121Principles of Economics I1001
CSS111Introduction to Sociology1001
CSS121Introduction to Psychology1001
PCR111Introduction to Peace Studies1001
PCR113Introduction to Peace Education1001
PCR115Introduction to Conflict Resolution Processes I1001
POL111Elements of Political Science1001
POL121Introduction to African Politics1001
FRE101Basic French Grammar I1001
GST101Use of English & Communication Skills I1001
GST107A Study Guide for the Distance Learner1001

NOUN PCR 111 Exam Questions for 100 Level

100 Level Second Semesters

PCR112Democracy and Good Governance1002
PCR114Introduction to Conflict Resolution1002
CSS134Geography of Nigeria1002
CSS132Ethnography and social structure of Nigeria1002
POL124Organization of Government1002
POL126Citizens and the State1002
GST102Use of English & Communication Skills II1002
CIT102Software Application Skills1002
FRE102Basic French Grammar and Composition II1002

POL 223 Exam Questions for NOUN

200 Level First Semesters

CSS211The Sociology of Crime and Delinquency2001
POL223Foundations of Political Economy2001
PCR261Culture Values and Conflicts in War2001
PCR211Education for Peace2001
PCR271Understanding War and Conflict2001
CSS243Principles of Security Practice and Management2001
POL221Nigerian Government and Politics I2001

200 Level Second Semesters

GST104Use of Library1002
MAC212Media and Society2002
PCR272Concepts and Practice of Peace Building2002
PCR276Perception and Conflict2002
PCR274Introduction to Conflict Transformation2002
CRS202Comparative Study of Religions2002
INR212International Law and Diplomacy in the 20th Century2002
INR242Pre-Colonial African Diplomacy2002
GST204Entrepreneurship and Innovation2002

CSS 111 Exam Questions for Noun

300 Level First Semesters

PCR373Demobilisation, Disarmament and Reintegration3001
CSS356Traditional and Informal Mechanisms of Crime3001
PCR331History of Conflict in Nigeria3001
PCR371Third Party Intervention in Conflict Resolution3001
PCR375Language and Information Management in Peace & Conflict Resolution3001
PCR311Philosophies and Great Personalities of Peace3001
CSS381Domestic Violence3001

300 Level Second Semesters

PCR372Introduction to Early Warning Mechanism3002
PCR374Practical Exercises in Conflict Simulation3002
PCR352Sustainable Environmental Development and Peace3002
PCR362Urban Violence and Security3002
ECO324History of Economic Thought3002
PCR312Peace Research Methods3002
INR322Contemporary Strategic Studies3002
GST302Business Creation and Growth3002

400 Level First Semesters

PCR415The Nature of Global Terrorism4001
PCR417International Relations and Security4001
PCR419International Politics of the Cold War : 1945- 19914001
PCR421International Organisations and Peace building4001
POL431Third World Dependency & Development4001
INR441Contemporary Strategic Studies4001

400 Level Second Semesters

PCR422Globalisation and Peace4002
PCR424Governance, International Law and Fundamental Human Rights4002
CSS452Victims of Crimes and Human Rights Violations4002
INR412Foreign Policies of Great Powers4002
POL424Political Parties & Pressure Groups4002

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