Nigeria Police Tinted Glass Permit – How to Get it with no Stress

This piece of information will beam spotlight on the process of how Vehicle owner with Tinted Glass in Nigeria can easily apply for it with little or no stress.

As we all know, Nigeria doesn’t allow tinted vehicle any more, so there for no one is allowed to drive a car with tinted glasses, but for the sake of some vehicles that has factory tinted glass, Nigeria government gives only this categories of people assess of plying the road with the aid of tinted glass permit.

For this reason’s every one who has a factory tinted glass must go for Nigeria Police Permit in other not to get into problems.

Note, permit are not allowed for self or custom made tinted glass, the vehicle must be factory tinted glass before you can get permit.

One of the best way to get pulled over by the Nigeria Police is to ride a tinted glasses vehicle without a permit. You could pay a huge fine, vehicle may get held or you might just escape with a warning depending on how one handle the situation.

To avoid such dilemma and confidently drive your automobile with tinted glasses, you need a permit which is only issued to car owners with “Factory fitted Tinted Glasses”.

Getting the car tinted glass permit in Nigeria is economical than the worth of changing your tinted glasses to normal glasses.

The Nigeria police has now made it very easy to have tinted glass permit in Nigeria with just following the steps below.

The form for the permit can be filled online, the steps below will take you through the process of obtaining tinged glass permit.

Nigeria Police Tinted Glass Permit – How to Get it with no Stress

1. visit the website by typing it in your address bar.

2. Fill in all necessary information on the application form and click on regiter

3. You will be shown an applicant id which stand as the password ( this applicant id can not be change).

4. Scan in jpeg format proof of ownership & drivers license.

5. Enter the correct details of your automobile and input your insurance number then upload the scan docs in the place required in the portal

6. Click on submit and print a copy of the page.

7. Take the Hard copy of the print out form to police state head-quarter in ikeja, if you reside in Lagos, or to the nearest police command office in your state.

8. Submit your print out and you will be captured both face and finger print.

9. A copy of your print out form with an inscription : UNDER PROCESSING WITH SIGNATURE AND DATE will be printed out and given back to you.

10.lastly, log in to npf portal routinely to monitor if your permit has been endorsed.

How Do I Recover My Tinted Glass Permit Login Password?

Please note, the website has no password recovery or forget password option,
once you misplace or forget the ID Number generated on signup, getting it back online is very difficult. well you can contact using this email address find on the tinted permit portal

Difference Between Factory Tinted Glass and Self Tinted Glass

Factory fitted tinted glass means that the vehicle came with the glass tinted while Self or Custom Tinted Glass is the tinted glass you fixed your self .

visit the website

1. Fill in the application form and click on register

2. Wait for the second page to load and copy the application id that show up

3. Enter your email address and application id to continue your registration

4. click on click here to complete you bio-data registration.


5. Update your bio-Data registration and click on submit

6. Enter your Vehicle Registration details, upload a scan copy of your Vehicle license and proof of ownership size (not more than 100kb), after that, click on submit.

7. click on print to get a hard copy of the Nigeria Police force Tinted Application printout.

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