How to Reprint Remita Receipt After Payment – The Quickest Way

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How to Reprint Any Remita Receipt or Invoice After Payment

Ideally, REMITA automatically sends a payment receipt to the email address on your invoice slip, but incase you misplace the first generated remita receipt after payment or you could not find the receipt in your email box
Here is the steps on how to get or reprint it back

To Reprint Remita Receipt for any paid invoice, do the following

1. visit
2. Click on Resend Receipt/Invoice: A new windows opens
3. Enter your remita retrieval reference RRR in the box provided and press Submit: Your receipt would be send to the email you registered with.
If Successful, you get the below message
Your Receipt has been forwarded to Your Registered Email.
If not Successful, you will get the below message
This Reference does not exist. Please check and try again.
Log/sign into your email account to see the remita receipt in pdf format, download and print for future used.

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  1. I mistakenly used an email that is not active but the rrr was sent to the mail how do I retrieve the rrr pls I need urgent answer

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