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What is NABTEB?

NABTEB: The acronym NABTEB means National Business And Technical Examinations Board.

When was NABTEB established?
NABTEB was established in August 1992 and was enacted through the promulgation of Decree 70 (Now Act 70) of 1993.

Why was NABTEB established?
NABTEB was primarily established to take over the conduct of examinations hitherto conducted by the City and Guild (C&G) of London, Royal Society of Arts (RSA) of London and the technical and business examinations conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) in the bid to domesticate the examinations and tailor them towards societal needs.

Where is the National Headquarters of NABTEB?
The National Headquarters of NABTEB is located in Ikpoba Hill, Benin City, Edo State.

Apart from the National Headquarters in Benin, where else can NABTEB offices be found?
NABTEB Zonal Offices are located in the Headquarters of the six geographical zones with state offices in the spread capital of the 6 states of the federation.

What is the statutory mandate of NABTEB?
NABTEB is statutorily mandated to:
(a) Conduct specified examinations on behalf of or in collaboration with other examination bodies or agencies.
(b) Issue results and certificates and make awards in examinations conducted by it.

What is NBC?

NBC means National Business Certificate.

What is NTC?

NTC means National Technical Certificate.

What is ANBC?

ANBC means Advanced National Business Certificate.

What is ANTC?

ANTC means Advanced National Technical Certificate.

What are the four major examinations conducted by NABTEB?
The four major examinations conducted by NABTEB are:
I: May/June NBC/NTC Examinations
II: November/December NBC/NTC & ANBC/ANTC Examinations
III: Modular Trades Certificate Examinations (MTCE)
IV: And, National Common Entrance Examinations.

When are the examinations conducted?

The NBC/NTC Examination series are conducted between May and June while the NBC/NTC and the ANBC/ANTC series are conducted between November and December of every year.

What are the entry requirements for NBC/NTC and ANBC/ANTC?

The NBC/NTC is an in-school examination designed to certify final year students of Public and Private Technical as well as Commercial educational Institutions and holders of the C & G or RSA Certificates who wish to broaden their knowledge and be certified accordingly. However, to be eligible for the
ANBC/ANTC, a candidate must possess the full NBC/NTC Certificate

What are the entry requirements for the National Common Entrance Examination?
Entry Requirements for the National Common Entrance include:
(a) A minimum of Junior Secondary School Certificate (JSSC) or equivalent (e.g. S.75).
(b) Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSCE) or GCE O’ Level
(c) Teachers Certificate Grade II (TC II)
(d) Candidates with higher certificates but who have interest/passion for technical education.

What are the entry requirements for the Modular Trades Certificate Examination?

Entry requirements for Modular Trades Certificate Examinations include:
I: Primary Six Certificate plus Certificate of Apprenticeship (Informal Training)
II: Primary Six Certificate plus Trade Grades III, II and I.
III: J.S.S. III or equivalent qualification with knowledge of introductory Technology.
IV: Federal Craft Certificate
V: Any other equivalent qualifications.

What is the difference between the NBC and NTC and the NABTEB General Education Certificate?
The NBC/NTC is a professional certificate earned through criterion referenced examination in specific trades and the fulfillment of certain conditions before certification in acquired skills for upward mobility in career development while the NABTEB General Education is mainly for admission to tertiary educational institutions like the SSCE of WAEC and NECO.

What does a candidate require to earn NBC and NTC?
To earn the NBC/NTC Certificate, a candidate must pass:
General Education subjects i.e. English Language and Mathematics
Trade Group subjects
Trade Related subjects

What does a candidate require to earn ANBC and ANTC?
To earn the ANBC/ANTC Certificate, a candidate must pass:
General Education subjects i.e. English Language and Mathematics
Trade Group subjects
Trade Related subjects

What are the two major differences between the mandate of NABTEB and NBTE?
NABTEB is to conduct examinations and award certificates while the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) is to accredit the and produce the curriculum used by NABTEB to examine the candidates.

What is the main difference between NABTEB and WAEC/NECO Examinations?
WAEC/NECO examinations are mainly theoretical while NABTEB examinations are criterion referenced or places more emphasis on practicals and continuous assessment.

What is the major difference between the RSA or C & G and the NBC/NTC or ANBC/ANTC Certificates awarded by NABTEB?
The NBC/NTC & ANBC/ANTC are of a higher grade and are the only Business and Technical Certificates recognized by the Federal Government for upward mobility in career development and educational pursuit.

Identify the basic difference between NABTEB and WAEC/NECO Certificates?
WAEC/NECO Certificates are basically for academic pursuit while NABTEB certificates are for both career development and educational advancement.

List four major advantages holders of NABTEB Certificates have over their counterparts with WAEC/NECO
Unlike their counterparts who prospects are restricted to further studies and unskilled labour, holders of NABTEB certificates have the following advantages:
I: Skill acquisition
II: Career development
III: Admission purposes
IV: Gainful employment
V: Economic self reliance/Wealth creation

Is the NBC/NTC equivalent to the SSSCE of WAEC/NECO?
No, the NBC/NTC is higher than the SSCE of WAEC/NECO because it is a professional certificate with a higher entry point in the public service.

Can the NBC/NTC be used for admission to Universities Polytechnics and Colleges of Education within and outside the country like the SSSCE of WAEC/NECO?
Yes, the NBC/NTC is globally recognized for admission to tertiary institutions within and outside the country while they (NBC/NTC) are rated higher for gainful employment opportunities outside the country.

Is the ANBC/ANTC equivalent to the Advanced Level Certificates of WAEC and NECO?
Unlike the /advanced Level Certificates of WAEC/NECO, the ANBC/ANTC are mainly for upward mobility in career progression and are therefore higher in rating for employment opportunities and career prospects.

Can the ANBC or ANTC be used for Direct entry admission to Universities?
The Modular Trades Certificate Examination is purposely designed to certify educationally disadvantaged but talented or skilled artisans and bring them into the mainstream of the nation’s economic development.

What is Modular Trades Certificates Examination (MTCE)?

Apart from recognizing the potentials of ‘roadside’ artisans, the MTCE is designed to empower them and channel their resources towards sustainable national development.

What is the significance of Modular Certificate?
The Vision of NABTEB is: Be a Globally Recognized Assessment and Certification Body Preparing Candidates for the World of Work and Academic/Professional Excellence.

State the Mission of NABTEB?
The Mission of NABTEB is Become a Globally Acknowledged Assessment Body for Craftsmen and Technicians.

What is the relevance of NABTEB Certificates to the nation’s technological aspiration?
The Slogan of the Board is: NABTEB, Certifying skill for Craftsmen and technicians for wealth creation and economic self-reliance.

What are the products of NABTEB Certificates?
The products of NABTEB certificates are the craftsmen and technicians who constitute the foundation of the engineering pyramid. As nurses are to pharmacists and doctors, so are technicians to technologists and engineers.

How do candidates locate their centres during E-registration?
When filing the form online, candidates have the opportunity to choose or select centres when they click on the state icon.

Where can one buy NABTEB E-registration form?
A candidate can purchase the E-registration form from NABTEB Headquarters Benin-City, Zonal or State Offices and other designated places nationwide.

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