Npower Aptitude Test Timetable New Date 2017 – Click for full details

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Npower Aptitude Test Timetable New Date

1hour ago, Npower announced the new assessment date for those that haven’t received THEIR Eligibility SMS before, as released on their Facebook time-line, 

Npower Time Table for Tax
July 15th N-Power Tax
July 16th N-Power Tax
July 17th N-Power Tax
July 18th N-Power Tax
July 19th N-Power Tax

Npower Time Table for Health
July 20th N-Power Health
July 21st N-Power Health
July 22nd N-Power Health
July 23rd N-Power Health
July 24th N-Power Health

Npower Time Table for Agro
July 25th N-Power Agro
July 25th N-Power Agro
July 26th N-Power Agro
July 27th N-Power Agro
July 28th N-Power Agro
July 29th N-Power Agro
July 30th N-Power Agro
July 31st N-Power Agro
August 1st N-Power Agro

Npower Time Table for Teach
August 2nd N-Power Teach
August 3rd N-Power Teach
August 4th N-Power Teach
August 5th N-Power Teach
August 6th N-Power Teach
August 7th N-Power Teach
August 8th N-Power Teach
August 9th N-Power Teach
August 10th N-Power Teach
August 11th N-Power Teach
August 12th N-Power Teach
August 13th N-Power Teach
August 14th N-Power Teach
August 15th N-Power Teach
August 16th N-Power Teach

npower aptitude test Applicants who register between July 1st – July 13th will write their assessment tests between July 25th – July 31st.

npower aptitude test timetable

Steps To Writing The Npower Aptitude Assessment Test

Once you receive an SMS to write your test, follow the steps below.
1. You will receive an SMS to write the assessment tests because you BVN records match your application.
2. Proceed to the website
3. Click on Test Menu
4. Log in with your phone number and bvn

Old Date Assessment Timetable

N-TAX: July 1st – July 3rd
N-HEALTH: July 4th – July 6th
N-AGRO: July 7th – July 10th
N-TEACH: July 11th – July 21th
Note, ONLY those whose BVN records match their application will be invited to the npower aptitude tests at
The site for test assessment is
SMS will be sent a day before you are scheduled to write the test

The 2017 Npower Aptitude Assessment Test Stage

You will recall that before and during the application process, you were encouraged to ensure that your application and BVN records match. Only applicants whose BVN records match their application will move to the assessment stage.

1. All applications will be sent for BVN validation
2. The test schedule as is. is a guide. Test days for groups may be extended
3. Each applicant will receive a TEXT MESSAGE to either
a. Proceed to the assessment stage, i.e write the test 
b. Discontinue their application journey because of incorrect BVN validation
4. Prospective volunteers who will apply between July 1st and July 13th will write their assessment tests between July 25th-30th

It is important that everyone follows instructions

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