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Bells University HND Conversion Programme 2017/2018 Announced

The Bells University HND Conversion programme 2017/2018 has been announced. The Programmes, which are now being massively and competitively accessed by scholars within and outside Nigeria, are aimed at bridging the gap between HND and B.Sc. Degree, as well as provide a platform for candidates to improve upon their class of degrees or move to other related disciplines.

hnd conversion programme
hnd conversion programme


College of Natural and Applied Sciences
B.Sc. Microbiology,
B. Tech Biotechnology,
B.Sc. Biochemistry,
B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry,
B.Sc. Physics with Electronics,
B.Sc. Applied Mathematics with Statistics,
B. Tech. Food Technology,
B. Tech. Food Sciences with Business (option),
B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics,
B. Tech Computer Sciences, and B. Tech Information Technology.
College of Management Sciences
B.Sc. Economics,
B.Sc. Accounting,
B.Sc. Finance and Banking,
B.Sc. Human Resources,
B.Sc. Marketing,
B.Sc. Business Computing,
B.Sc. International Business, and B.Sc. Management Technology (Project Management).
College of Engineering and Environmental Sciences
B.Sc. Architecture,
B. Tech Building Technology,
B. Tech Estate Management,
B. Tech Quantity Surveying,
B. Tech Surveying and Geoinformatics,
B. Tech Urban and Regional Planning,
B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering,
B. Eng. Mechatronics Engineering,
B. Eng. Biomedical Engineering,
B. Eng. Civil Engineering,
B. Eng. Electrical, Electronics Engineering,
B. Eng. Computer Engineering, and B. Eng. Telecommunication Engineering.

Bell University HND Conversion Programme Admission Requirements

Interested and eligible candidates must be holders of HND, Professional certificates like ICAN, ACCA etc., and Third Class Degrees. Duration/mode of Studies i. Programmes will run for 2 years. ii. Participants would be expected to be resident on campus, on payment of accommodation fee. iii. Lecturers will prepare course modules which will be available to participants at an approved rate
Registration Steps Visit
Click on “Begin Application” under the General Menu. You should ONLY do this after you MUST have read and understood all the instructions on this site. The Email Address supplied has to be unique and valid, and will serve as your Registration ID to make payment.
At the point of registering an account, you are to supply a PASSCODE. This PASSCODE will enable you access the payment system. This can be accessed through the “returning aplicant” link at the top of this page.
After registering an account, please note, you then fall into the category of “Returning Applicant”, and you should always use the “Returning Applicant Login” at the top of this web page.
As a “Returning Applicant”, you can make payment (by clicking on “Click here to Pay for your Application Form with a Created Email Address”. You are expected to supply the Email Address registered earlier and the PASSCODE you supplied); you can obtain a Application Form Number(this must be after a successful Application Form Payment); and you can also complete the Application process.
After a successful payment, in order to get an Application Form Number, click on “Click here to get a Form Number”. You are expected to supply the Email Address registered earlier and the PASSCODE you supplied. Your Application Form Number will be e-mailed to the supplied email address, and also shown on the screen.
To complete the Application Form, you need to have gotten an Application Form number. You are to login with your Application Form number and the PASSCODE earlier created.
Please note, after submission of your Application Form, you will be unable to change the Passport Photograph uploaded and other details supplied. Hence confirm your details and make sure the passport uploaded is yours before you attempt to submit your Application form.
Payment Information
Application Form: =N= 10,000:00
All Fees are payable via the BELLSUNI InterSwitch Payment Integration Platform
Note that a bank transaction charge of =N=350:00 per transaction applies
You will be redirected to interswitch gateway during registration to make payment for the Application Form. Prepare for making your payment online by having the following information handy:
An Interswitch enabled Debit/ ATM card, specifying the “Card Number”, “Expiry Date”, “Card PIN” and “CVV2 Code”
Ensure that you have sufficient funds in the card specified above, to cater for your fees as quoted in this section

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