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All Foundation Programme Students are to pay their school fees of N84,000.00 (eighty-four thousand naira only) and acceptance fee of N5,000.00 (five thousand naira only) at the following banks listed below:

1.    EcoBank Pic.
2.    Zenith Bank Pic.
3.    Fidelity Bank Pic.

Processing of Admission/School fees payment begins from Friday, 10th January, 2014 to Friday, 14th February, 2014.
The sum of  N5,000.00 (Five thousand naira only) will be charged as penalty for late processing of admission with effect from Monday, 17th February to Monday, 1 March, 2014.
Any candidate who fails to process his/her admission before the deadline of Monday, 17th March, 2014 will be deemed to have forfeit his/her admission into the 2013/ 2014 Foundation Programme.

Below is the procedure for checking of Admission Status, payment of Acceptance/ School fees and Course registration.

Checking of Admission Status
  1. Go to https://aaue.waeup.org/login.
  2. Enter your user name and the password (Application ID and Password).
  3. If admitted, a congratulatory message will appear e.g. “Congratulations! You have been offered provisional admission into the 2013/2014 Academic Session of Ambrose Alii University, Foundation Programme. Your student record has been created for you. Please, logout and proceed to the login page of the portal. Then enter your new student credentials: user name= E19991 71 , password = 958807. Change your password when you have logged in”.
  4. Click Logout.
  5. Click login or Go to https://aaue.waeup.org/login 
  6. Enter your newly created student’ login credentials, eg. user name =E1999171, password = 958807 to begin payment of Acceptance fee, Clearance, School fees and Course Registration.

Acceptance/School Fees Payment Instruction:

  • Select payments from the My Data tab at the top of the Page.
  • Click on the Add Online Payment Ticket button.
  • Under Category: Select the appropriate payment item (i .e: acceptance fee or School fees).
  • Then click Create Ticket.
  • Click on the Payment ID of the ticket just created.
  • Download and print the payment_slip which you are to present to the teller at the designated bank outlet where cash payment is to be made.
  • The teller will provide you a print-out with details of the payment just made including the e-Tranzact payment Confirmation Order Number – (PIN).
  • Login again to: https://aaue.waeup.org/login.
  • Select Payments from My Data tab at the top of the page.
  • Click on th ePayment ID of the ticket you created earlier.
  • Click on Query e-Tranzact History at top of your page.
  • Enter your e-Tranzact Payment Confirmation Order Number (PIN) as printed on the slip provided to you at the bank.
  •  Click on submit to e-Tranzact to validate the cash payment made at the designated bank outlet earlier.
  •  Download and print your payment slip for the session which you are to submit to the Bursar’s office at Emaudo Campus for collection of the University’s receipt.

Course Registration

  • After login as described above, select study course from the My Data tab at the top of the page.
  • Click on the Level you are registering.
  • Click on the Add/Remove courses.
  • Click on Add course Ticket button to add courses (or Remove selected button to remove selected courses which you might have added in error).
  • Select the course you intend to add and click on the Add Course Ticket.
  • Repeat (6) above until you have registered all your courses for the session.
  • Then click on the Register course list button to submit you r courses.
  • Download and print your course registration slip which you are to submit to your course adviser.

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