Code of Conduct for Teachers in Primary & Secondary Schools



1. Be Punctual To School, Class And All School Activities
2. Be Neat And Decently Dressed At All Times
3. Do Not Receive Visitors During School Hours (Except In Emergencies)
4. Do Not Make Or Receive Calls While Teaching In The Class
5. No Over Familiarity Or Unhealthy Relationships With Your Students
6. No Property Or Funds Of The School Should Be Taken Out Of The Premise! Without Due Authorization
7. No Fighting Or Harsh Exchange Of Words By Teachers In The Premises
8. No Stealing Of School Or Colleagues Properties
9. No Smoking Or Alcohol Consumption Within The School Premises
10. Do Not Inflict Bodily Harm On Students While Instilling Discipline
11. No Absence From Duty Posts Without Due Authorization
12. No Financial Transactions On Behalf Of The School Without Due Authorization.
13. No Loitering Around By Staff, All Staff Must Be Productively Engaged Of Resident In The Staff Room. Don’t Loiter About.
14. No Interruption Of Other Teachers During Classes
15. Do Not Stay Longer Than Your Period, Don’t Eat Into Others Lesson Time
16. No Pidgin English By Teachers In The School Premises
17. Do Not Place Undue Pressure On Parents For Favours Or Assistance
18. Hard Drugs Are Not Allowed In The School Premises
19. Weapons Are Bot Allowed In The School Premises
20. Pornographic Materials Are Not Allowed In The School Premises
21. Cliques And Union Activities Are Not Allowed In Private Schools
22. No Granting Of Interviews To The Press On Behalf Of The School Without Due Authorization.
23. Respect And Regard For Constituted Authority Is Non Negotiable.
24. Protect The Interest Of The School At All Times.
25. Do Not Divulge School Confidential Information To Third Parties
26. Do Not Use The School Property For Private Use Outside The School Chalk, Markers, Dusters, Stationery, Etc
27. Do Not Engage In Bias, Favoritism And Double Standard- Treat Al Students Equally, Justly And Fairly
28. Manage Your Class Well
29. All Complaints Made By Parents Must Be Addressed Within Twenty Fou Hours. Do Not Keep Parents Complaints Unattended To.
30. Be Safety And Security Conscious At All Times. Report Any Unsaf Conditions Or Hazards To The Management As Soon As You Notice Them

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