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The University of Ibadan UI Faculty of Law, was established in 1981, within the faculty of Social science.
the programme offer undergraduate student with the award of LL.B

The Faculty has since inception been involved in the advancement of legal education through public lectures delivered by eminent jurists, seminars and publications of its journal the Ibadan University Law Review and other publications.

The general philosophy of UI faculty of Law is to produce graduate to meet the need of the society through excellent in legal training, research, and development.

University of Ibadan Faculty of Law Mission.

1. Expand the frontiers of Lagal knowledge via learning and research.
2. Produce law graduate who have sound judgement, worth in character and able to Learn
3. Contribute to the transformation of society, research, clinical legal education/creativity.
4. be seen as the focal point voice, for law faculties and legal education in west africa.

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UI Law Post UTME Past Question

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  3. Predict the outcome of the upcoming exam question.
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  5. Give you confidence and make you relax on the deal day.

UI Post UTME Subject Combination for Law

What are the Subject written in UI Post UTME for Law
The subjects you will write in University of Ibadan Post JAMB Screening Test are
English Language.
Christian Religious Studies.

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Download Free UI Post UTME Past Question and Answer for Law


UI Post UTME Government Past Questions

1. A key characteristic of the civil service is
(A) Merit system.
(B) Patriotism.
(C) Quota system.
(D) Transparency.

2. A major cause of inefficiency in public corporations is
(A) inadequate patronage by members of the public
(B) absence of an enabling Act or law
(C) political interference
(D) competition from private firms

3. A major distinction between public corporations and private companies is that
(A) Public corporations provide important services
(B) Public corporations are large organizations
(C) Public corporations are financed and controlled by government
(D) Public corporations are not involved in production of tangible goods

4. A primary agency of political socialization is:
(A) the government
B the family
C the mass media
D the School

5. A process that seeks to transfer ownership and control of public corporations to private individuals or organizations is called
(A) Indigenization
(B) Commercialization
(C) Privatization
(D) Acquisition

6. Adult male suffrage means that
(A) All men who pay tax can vote.
(B) All adult males can vote.
(C) All men can vote.
(D) All adults can vote.

7. All of the following are obligations of citizens, except
(A) Obedience to laws.
(B) Voting.
(C) Giving alms to beggars.
(D) Payment of taxes.

8. An electoral district is
(A) A local government area.
(B) A ward.
(C) A polling booth.
(D) A constituency.

9. Fascism was practiced in Italy under:
(A) Benito Masollini
(B) Benito Mubarak
(C) Benito Mussolini
(D) Benito Mandela

10. Governmental powers are…. in the US presidential system
(A) absolutely separated
(B) fused
(C) absolutely fused
(D) separated

11. In a democracy, franchise is limited by
(A) Age.
(B) Sex.
(C) Wealth.
(D) Education.

12.In the civil service, anonymity means that civil servants must
(A) Not receive the credit or blame for any good.
(B) Serve any government impartially.
(C) Avoid nepotism and favouritism.
(D) Be politically neutral.

13.In which of the following set of countries is a dominant two-party system operated.
(A) Nigeria and Ghana.
(B) The United States and the United Kingdom.
(C) France and Germany.
(D) India and China.

14. One of the advantages of direct election is that:
(A) it is too expensive and difficult to conduct
(B) illiterates vote intelligently for their leaders
(C) it makes representatives accountable to the electors
(D) it offers an opportunity to the electorate to demand for money

15. One of the following is not a feature of a modern state
(A) Territorial landmass
(B) Population of People
(C) Defined Territory
(D) Sovereignty

16. One of the following is not a source of constitution?
(A) Customs and conventions
(B) civil service regulations
(C) historical documents
(D) judicial precedents.

17. One of the objectives of a multiparty system is to
(A) Eliminate corruption.
(B) Prevent rigging.
(C) Provide alternatives.
(D) Avoid ethnicity.

18. Political sovereignty lies with:
(A) Head of State
(B) Head of Government
(C) the Parliament
(D) the electorate

University of Ibadan Government Post UTME Answer

1. A
2. C
3. C
4. B
5. C
6. B
7. C
8. D
9. C
10. D
11. A
12. A
13. B
14. C
15. A


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